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Things happen for a reason, Everyone has luck and everyone has loved. The road to actual bliss is complex and perilous but i'm closer to what I want because I took those first steps instead of being afraid and taking none. Welcome to my world where i'll share my emotions, my thoughts, likes and dislikes, my friends and families, as well as my adventures and experiences. =)

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What’s your favorite position? 
                - CEO
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Once soulmates find each other, they will help each other grow.
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99% of things you worry about never happen.
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Challenge Accepted: 
Basic Medical Language
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Hello fellow nerds!

A new school year is approaching, and since I have to nail my A* this year I put together a masterpost with helpful links and tips that I have gathered throughout my school years. Good luck this year: you´ll do just fine!

1. Learn ´em languages

Learn terms and glossary in Quizlet.
Learn a language for free on Duolingo.
Learn a language for free on Busuu.
Oxford Dictionaries.
Games and fun activities for English learners.
Irregular English verbs.

2. Do your research

Google scholar.
You can learn anything (KhanAcademy).
Didn´t listen in class? (Crash Course).
Simple Wikipedia.
Learn littérature without having to read it (SparkNotes).
Wolfram Alpha.
Open 2 study. (Online studying) 
Free college courses.

3. Learn how to write like a God

10 practical tips for writing better exam essays.
Writing an essay.
Harvard writing resources.
Writing application essays.
Writing a personal statement.
Genre characteristics.
Writing a literary analysis essay.
Answering essay questions.
Get feedback.
Bibliography maker.
What is the word you´re looking for?

4. Oh yes sweet reading

8 tips to remember what you read.
How to read Shakespeare.
Effective reading and note-taking.
How to take notes while reading.
Note taking tips.
170 free textbooks.
1000 free textbooks.

5. Get your studying and organization game on

Time Management
Get your school life in order with organization.
Reach your goals.
Goals worksheet.
Finding information on the internet.
Using sources.
Get a hold on mind mapping.
How do you learn best?
Sound without music (Such as cafes).
Make flashcards.

6. Stress and anxiety management because school is stressful

Coping strategies.
Stress reduction tips.
Stress relief for students.
Managing test anxiety.
Dealing with test anxiety.
Self help: Keeping calm.
Introverts in college.
Coping and calming down. N.1
Coping and calming down. N.2
Do nothing for two minutes. 

7. Go get ´em tests

Study skills for test taking.
Study tips for finals.
Multiple choice exams guide.
The seven days study plan.
15 steps to success.
How to prepare for a test.
Checklist for essay tests.

8. Classroom participation - because teachers love that shit

Active listening.
Classroom discussions.
Presenting projects in the classroom.
Preparation before class.
Participating tips.

9. Software and pages for us nerdy kids

Openoffice and Libreoffice.
Google docs.
Prezi (For presentations.)
Grade calculator.
Grammar check.
Staying focused for Mac, Chrome and Firefox.
Plagiarism check.
Best apps for students masterpost.
Homework help.

10. Yo! Take some time to care ´bout yo´self

100 000 stars.
Workout masterpost.
Movie masterpost of masterposts.
Self-help masterpost.
Learn and do yoga.
Learn to play guitar.
The thoughts room.
Disney games because hell yeah.
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Teen quotes

That moment where everything becomes so over whelming and you just want to cry and cry until you have no more water left in your body. Yea, this is me now. But if i do, I risk getting another headache and we know how headaches aren’t good for concussions. I just want a long hug that resonates into, it’s okay, everything is going to be alright.

SO, carry on.

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Say hello to brighter days
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"Golden Tears" by Gustave Klimt
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Sunday funday.

I don’t want to go to sleep just in case I don’t wake up again. I think I’m going to end up going to the hospital. First time I’m actually scared. I feel like my body wants me to sleep, my hands get cold, and my body becomes lighter. I’m def trying to fight it.

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Today I almost died. Had a bad accident but by the grace of god I’m here. What a terrible week and yet I’m still thankful. In pain but thank ful.

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